It may be March already but its not too late to implement that new years resolution to get your workplace basics right. Observing these 10 commandments will pay dividends in managing your business, particularly when a relationship goes bad:

    1. Rule 1 – Consider whether your business really needs that new position. Don’t make rushed decisions you may later regret.
    2. Rule 2 – Take the time to engage the right contractor/employee. Have meaningful selection criteria and an appropriate selection process to match skills and character with your business.
    3. Rule 3 – Make sure there is a clear, accurate and relevant position description in place. This will help you and the employee in measuring performance.
    4. Rule 4 – Make sure a proper contract is in place before the contractor/employee starts work. It can be too late once the work has started.
    5. Rule 5 – Have up to date and relevant policies and make sure employees know about them. Regular refresher training is also wise.
    6. Rule 6 – Comply with National Employment Standard, award/enterprise agreement and contract requirements. Avoid the basic trap of not complying with minimum requirements.
    7. Rule 7 – Terminate within the Minimum Employment Period if the relationship is not going to last. Its not perfect but termination during the MEP will minimise the risk of legal action.
    8. Rule 8 – Ensure there is a regular and appropriate performance management process. Active management is the key.
    9. Rule 9 – Keep a paper trail of notes of meetings and letters. This helps in justifying later actions.
    10. Rule 10 – Be procedurally fair when dealing with employees/contractors. Don’t act rashly or in a discriminatory way. Treat employees/contractors how you would like to be treated yourself.

It’s not brain surgery Brian (with acknowledgements to the Jeep ad) but does take time, a systematic approach and considerable management skills to implement. The payoff is a better business.