How we can help?

We can:

  • Advise about your rights and obligations, available legal options, the pros and cons of legal proceedings and potential costs and outcomes;
  • Draft or review necessary documents;
  • Conduct negotiations or advocate on your behalf; and
  • Fight your legal battles to secure a practical outcome.

Here are some examples of the types of scenarios that we can help with.

  1. I have decided to establish my own business carrying out contract work and need advice on legal structures and my legal rights and obligations as a contractor.
  2. I have left my employment and wish to establish my own business in competition with a former employer. There is a restraint provision in my employment agreement and I need advice on its effect and enforceability.
  3. I have been employed by a company for several years and now they have told me that they want me to become a contractor. Can they do that?
  4. I contract exclusively for the one customer and they don’t want me carrying out work for anyone else. Does this affect what I am entitled to? Do they have to pay superannuation even though I am a contractor?
  5. I have been a contractor for a company for several years and I know I get paid less than employees doing the same thing. Do I have any claim for back pay and how can I address this with the business owner?
  6. I have started up my own business and want to set up a standard contract for customers. What should it contain?
  7. My business has been carrying out work for some time for a large customer. The customer has now imposed a condition on me which I am unhappy with. How do I take the matter up to the customer as I do not wish to lose their business.
  8. My business has a new customer which has a standard form contract. I don’t fully understand everything on the contract and need to know whether there are any hidden traps in the agreement.
  9. I have done a lot of work for a business as a contractor. They have not paid the whole amount of my invoice and are disputing certain items. What can I do about this?