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Employer policies – do as I say, not as I do?

Modern employment agreements often state that employer policies take the form of directives which must be followed by employees but are not binding on the employer and do not form part of the contract, i.e. you have to do as I say but I don’t!  It may seem...

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Injured employees – just sack ’em?

Imagine this scenario. An employee suffers an injury at work. They are off work for several months with an accepted workers compensation claim. Then WorkCover tells you the employee can return to work, but with restrictions. Say, a weight limit on lifting or time...

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Do employees have a “right” to a support person?

I often hear from employee clients the words “But they didn’t offer me a support person”. The reality is that employers do not have a general legal obligation to offer employees an opportunity to have a support person, unless that right is provided in an enterprise...

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Are you up to date with the minimum wage increase

Employees are increasingly aware of their wage rights and legal action by the Fair Work Ombudsman and employees is becoming more common.  It is important for employers to be pro active in staying up to date with changes to minimum wages and awards. Minimum wages will...

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Employer allegations – more than a flick pass?

Employers should be cautious when making disciplinary allegations based on employee complaints. The complaint should be investigated before any formal allegation is made. Any allegations should clearly set out the factual basis of the allegation and the particular employment obligations/policies which have been breached. Employees can ask for details of the facts and policies before responding.

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