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Are you up to date with the minimum wage increase

Employees are increasingly aware of their wage rights and legal action by the Fair Work Ombudsman and employees is becoming more common.  It is important for employers to be pro active in staying up to date with changes to minimum wages and awards. Minimum wages will...

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Employer allegations – more than a flick pass?

Employers should be cautious when making disciplinary allegations based on employee complaints. The complaint should be investigated before any formal allegation is made. Any allegations should clearly set out the factual basis of the allegation and the particular employment obligations/policies which have been breached. Employees can ask for details of the facts and policies before responding.

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Suspend first, ask questions later?

There is an emerging trend for employers to suspend employees the moment any potential disciplinary issue arises.  However, the result is that employees are often needlessly forced to be away from the workplace which can be both soul destroying for the employee and...

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Fixed term contracts – still worth the trouble?

There's a common perception that fixed term employment contracts mean no unfair dismissal claims.  At the start of 2017, we warned of the dangers of these contracts.  To recap, a true fixed term contract is for a specified time.  If the employer terminates before the...

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Beware the office Christmas party!

The office Christmas party season will soon be in full swing again.  Employers should be careful not to let celebrations get out of hand.  A few practical steps can help prevent any embarrassing incidents, disciplinary action and potential litigation: Employees should...

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Don’t get caught out by long service leave!

When does an employer have to pay long service leave?  The basic rule in Queensland is that full time and part time employees are entitled to 8.6667 weeks of long service leave after 10 years service.  More long service leave can be taken after 15 years of service and...

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