Terms to include

What terms should be included?

In many ways it is even more important to have an appropriate written contract in place for a contractor than it is for an employee, given that there are no minimum legislative terms and conditions or award coverage for contractors. A contractor agreement should at least address the following issues:

  1. Agreement to provide services rather than contract of service;
  2. Duration;
  3. Obligations of the parties;
  4. Services fees;
  5. Performance review;
  6. Ability of contractor to assign benefit of contract;
  7. Equipment and expenses;
  8. Insurance;
  9. Legislative requirements and indemnities;
  10. Engagement of persons or entities by the contractor;
  11. Warranties;
  12. Training;
  13. Confidential information;
  14. Intellectual property;
  15. GST obligations;
  16. Dispute resolution mechanisms;
  17. Restrictive covenants after termination of contract;
  18. Statement of nature of relationship.