Useful papers written by Australian Workplace Lawyers for reference and review:

Employment Contracts: The Fundamentals

Paper Employment Contracts: The Fundamentals Excerpt You may have heard of the terms “common law contract”, “modern award”, “EBA”, “collective agreement”, “enterprise agreement”, “National Employment Standards” to name a few. You may have also heard of Fair Work...

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Contracting Traps for the Unwary

Thinking of engaging contractors or working as a contractor?  All contractors should operate through a company with an A.C.N. (Australian Company Number).  An A.B.N. (Australian Business Number) is not the same thing.  Sole traders, partnerships and most trusts are...

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Performance Managment & Ending Employment

Paper "How much procedural fairness is enough?" Performance Managment & Ending Employment Exert "It is important to provide employees with procedural fairness in deciding whether to terminate their employment because: It’s the right thing to do, reflects management...

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Breach of Workplace Rights & Adverse Action 2013

Paper "Still a Worker's Paradise?" Breach of Workplace Rights & Adverse Action 2013 Exert "Taking effect from 1 July 2009, the ability for a claimant to bring a claim of breach of workplace rights (also known as an adverse action claim) under the general protections...

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The Plaintiff’s New Black: Adverse Action

Paper "The Plaintiff's New Black" Adverse Action Exert "Taking effect from 1 July 2009, the workplace rights, or “adverse action” provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009 represent a significant new weapon for people with workplace grievances. Together with the reduction...

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